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Got mine today, and already read it. very good book, with lots of nugget-hunting insights. Well worth the wait, and price.  I'm going to keep re-reading it, too. I want to cement all that info into my mind. 

- Jim in Idaho

I've skimmed some of the geology (it is very detailed to me) and looked at lots of pictures and read a couple of the detecting chapters and I'll have to say it is like having a new detecting partner.
Reese's wordings and style and when he talks about the 'pre-gridding' routine are words that would focus a detectorist like me.  I'm mostly a solo detectorist so I'm apt to repeat my mistakes and not see what I need to see or detect where I should be detecting.  This book will help me to look at my spots with a different light even tho I'm not in Montana.

- Mitchel in California

Here is my opinion of "The Nugget Shooters Field Guide" by Reese Townes. A very informative book, nicely formatted, with excellent photos, with a strong emphasis on the alluvial geology of Montana, Idaho, and similar areas. Plenty of good information, and as I always say,  if you glean just one new tip from such a "how-to" book, which helps you find more gold, then it's worth buying the book. In fact, I have sold thousands of copies of my own books to folks who have exactly the same opinion. Yeah, this old Desert Rat learned a bit more about finding alluvial gold. Well done Reese! I recommend it highly. Good value for the money.

HH Jim- Jim's Metal Detectors - California

I just received my book and browsed through it. It is obvious that Reese put a great deal of work into this endeavor. From the outset, I am very happy that I spent the money on his book and I will go back and read it through. 

- Bugler, Montana

I got my copy yesterday and was quite impressed! I was expecting more of the "low and slow"......" coil to the soil" type stuff, but this book leans heavy towards geological hows and whys with plenty of color pics to help a guy "read the ground" better to hopefully choose more likely locations for the yellow. He brushes on different tailing types and how you might hunt them, things to avoid and things to look for, and much more, etc.. Well done Reese!!!!  On a personal note... Reese, it was cool to see some very familiar spots, Andy's nugget again, and I got a second laugh reading the hornet story again... it brought back the memories of that moment and I laughed out loud. Good luck on the next book... I look forward to it!!!! -

Oneguy - Montana

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